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Campanile Val Montanaia

The Campanile di Val Montanaia is the symbolic peak of the Friulian Dolomites. This spectacular aiguille dominates the wild, authentic valley of the same name, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Scaling this 300-metre tower guarantees climbing fans pure adrenaline and breath-taking panoramas.
For simple hikers, the joy of being able to admire it up close is just reward for the steep climb up from Montanaia Valley, following CAI trail No 353.



The site of Palù di Livenza is one of the most interesting Neolithic pile-dwelling sites in northern Italy.

This well-preserved wetland still guards the history of the Paleolithic hunter-gatherers and the pile-dwelling settlements, which were listed in 2011 as UNESCO World Heritage Sites


The Pradis Caves

A magical place with one of the highest concentrations of gorges in Europe.

The Caves and Ravine of Pradis are a complex system of karstic caves and a canyon, while a long staircase leads you to explore the Ravine carved out by the Cosa torrent. It is a rich experience that will amaze you with its natural beauty, with the power and energy of the water, and with the emotions that you will experience finding yourself in a magical place that you could not have even imagine existed.


Maniago Cutlery Museum

This is a museum where you can retrace the steps of the recent past and see the future for this craft belonging to a people who have always had a bond with metal work.

CORICAMA has been part of the history and memory of the people of Maniago for almost a century. It is the largest factory in Maniago and now serves as a Museum. Inside it now holds tools and workstations bursting with memories, impressive machinery recalling the hard work endured, along with materials and technologies detailing the industrial development of similar work.



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From the peaks of the Friulian Dolomites to the snow of Piancavallo, the wild beauty of the territory of the Montana Community of Western Friuli is an infinite emotion that is waiting to be experienced.
Long and deep, they reveal a chiselled beauty crafted by water. They have names that speak of rivers, such as Valcellina, Val Cosa and Val d'Arzino. They are crystalline veins that forge gorges and ditches, ravines and waterfalls that are all waiting to be discovered.
A river of stones that surfaces majestically where the rivers Cellina and Meduna plunge to form a vast underground reservoir. It is not a contradiction. It is the Magredi, the "terre Magre".
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The myriad colours of the landscapes, the charm of the cultural and artistic activities, listening to the harmony of nature, the simple flavours of the cuisine and the bouquet of the great wines to be tasted. These are the five senses of a territory that is rich in emotion and where you will leave a piece of your heart ...

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